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" I love nami nail polish! Love the packaging, event the packaging is very sustainable. nami colors are all vegan and water-based. nami is my favorite vegan nail polish. I love french tips with nami ! "
Pinky Tobiano - (Pe Chemist, Lifestyle show host, Entrepreneur)
" I tried nami, the water based, toxin free nail polish. Super nice the color! Get yours now! "
Cat Arambulo - Antonio (Socialite, Model, Entrepreneur, Philantropist)
" I like nami, the only toxin-free, water-based, vegan nail polish "
Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez (Model, Online Talk show host, Entrepreneur)
" Beautiful colors! it's water-based, toxin-free, vegan nail polish! Love to order for my nail salon- The Chai Natural Nail Cafe. . "
Rene Rose Rodrigo (Beauty Queen (Ms Earth-Air 2010), Herbalist, Nail Salon Owner)
" nami is super cute water-based and toxin-free nail polish! like it "
Stephanie Zubiri (Writer, Lifestyle Editor)
" Trying out @naminatural nail polish. It’s water-based, vegan, cruelty-free, and does not include 18 harmful ingredients often found in nail polish. Made in the UK. Comes in 6 essential shades. Dries quickly. You can peel it off! Or use their acetone-free remover. "
Ria Tanjuatco - Trillo (CNN Philippines Host, Blogger)
" nami is FOR THE WIN! I like it, it's water-based premium chip resistant, 18 free/non-toxic/ 18 most harmful chemicals are excluded, vegan, cruelty-free (never tested on animals), odour-free nail polish. Beautiful product! "
Ria Prieto (Editor-In-Chief, Lifestyle, Beauty blogger)
" I'm loving my new light pink nail color (Happier Than Ever) from nami. It's toxin-free and water-based. It's safe for children and even for pregnant women. Ang Galing! (Amazing!). Thank you nami. "
Jasmine Maierhofer - Patrimonio (Phillippines' High Fashion Model)
" Found a nail polish brand that is toxin-free, water-based, and vegan! I love that it doesn't have a strong smell, even the nail polish remover. In fact, it smelled so nice, like baby flowers! I love nami, and it didn't harm my nails at all! "
Thia Thomalla (Actress, Host, Beauty Queen, UN Goodwill Ambassador)
" nami is my new fave nail polish! Water based, toxic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, odourless! "
Lavin Galicha (Blogger, You Tuber)
" nami is superrrrrrr good! A clean non-toxic, water-based nail polish that delivers pigment, shine, and strength, without bad stuff and the smell. Made in the UK and German Lab tested, It's a true innovation!! "
Nicole Morales (The Beauty Edit Ph owner, Beauty Editor)
" nami is a very nice product. Been looking for water-based polish since my nails get damaged easily. "
Sheila Dy - Tiu (Blogger, Entrepreneur)
" I really like nami! It's water-based and chip-resistant. nami's innovative water-based formulation is what makes its nail polish healthy and environmentally friendly. nami also stays fresh-looking and chip-free for at least 7 days! "
Katherine Rose Coronel - Rivera (Blogger- Dear Kitty Kittie Kath, Content creator)

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the eco-friendly choice

nami nail polish is completely vegan, toxin-free, and cruelty-free. We make our beauty choices with our innovative solutions.


You don’t have to choose between beauty and health anymore. We’d love to help you make the switch to healthy beauty!

18-free list

Traditional nail polishes have stayed toxic for 70 years, so we’ve selected ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.  

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It’s amazing, I love it

The product is good, it’s environmental friendly


Love you quick dry nail polish!
Added bonus is that its vegan free!

First purchase, defs NOT the last!!!

I LOVE the colors in this set and how easy it is to apply the polish. Dries super fast so it’s great when you’re always on the go, like me :)
Also purchased Love To Hate Me (my favorite shade so far) and Cuticle Oil (best decision ever). Can’t wait to try the other colors. ❤️

happier than ever
Princess Tejero
Ilove NAMI

Easy to apply, yes to the claim of quick dry...and dont ever match it with top coat with chemical wont go along... I love the oil as well😍

Kid friendly 💜

Finally, my daughters and I can share nail polish without me worrying about ruining their nails!

Perfect for my nails

These nail polishes are perfect and highly recommended.

don't call me angel
Great 👍 👌 👍

very helpful for working women like me, because it's very easy to apply and quickness dry in 60 secs.

love to hate me
Jenny Quimbo

love to hate me

water-based topcoat
Monika mae Jose

water-based topcoat

happier than ever
Norma Santos
Love the colors..and its quality ..

Nice colors and good quality..its really drying quick..

water-based topcoat
Zyra Joseph
Water based topcoat

It's so good on top of Nami polishes but doesn't seem to work on nail polishes from other brands :)

happier than ever
Jullie Fe Parreñas

Love it so costumers love it so much❤️

colour me sunshine
Bench Ramirez

It's a nice experience with my ordered Nami yellow & Green color nail polish, I felt that my nails are healthier upon using Nami nail polish. Thank you Nami

water-based nail polish remover
Doesn't stain my nails

What I love about nail polishes are non-toxic, doesn't stain or make my nails yellow, doesn't have a strong smell and quick to dry. I saw the brand from Heart Evangelista's IG story. She made me buy it. ✨💖 My first purchased was on shopee. I'm looking forward for a color black nail polish.

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle
Ma Romylyn Deocampo
The Perfect Nail Polish

Aside from the fact that it's vegan, I love Nami nail polish because it’s very easy to apply, dries quickly, and it does leave a cooling effect on the nails after applying it. Nami nail polish last longer (it stays for nearly 2 weeks- no chip off) than other brands. They have a classic variety of colors and I love how it looks on my nails.

the green leaves of summer
Jhazelyn Mang-osan

the green leaves of summer

I love it!

Ang bilis matuyo at makapit ang nail polish, pwedeng pde sa mga momshie na tulad ko!

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle
Joanna A
Naturally pretty!

I like how Nami lives up to its promise - naturally pretty! No yellowish nails after a week of wearing the nude polish. :)

nami nail care bundle
Ann BM
best nail care bundle

The nail pile is easy to use and can easily be cleaned plus it has a cover or holder. The nail polish remover gently and easily removes nail polish. This bundle is a must have.

love the sustainability

it really easily files my nails, & what I love most is that it can be easily washed. plus it has a cute case too! perfect to bring anywhere for anytime nail emergencies

Love the colors

Best Gold Glitter

Golden glitter than can go with any of my nami nail polish.

love to hate me
Rexie Amantillo
Quality nail colors

Love the colors ( buy one take one deal!) The polish dries up quickly. One to recommend for. Just improve on your delivery packaging next time to avoid further delays.

easy on me
Jacqueline Del Mar

I love Nude color nail polish! Highly recommended! Perfect Nude Hue!

love to hate me
Jacqueline Del Mar

love to hate me