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Based on 75 reviews
Naturally pretty!

I like how Nami lives up to its promise - naturally pretty! No yellowish nails after a week of wearing the nude polish. :)

best nail care bundle

The nail pile is easy to use and can easily be cleaned plus it has a cover or holder. The nail polish remover gently and easily removes nail polish. This bundle is a must have.

love the sustainability

it really easily files my nails, & what I love most is that it can be easily washed. plus it has a cute case too! perfect to bring anywhere for anytime nail emergencies

Love the colors

Best Gold Glitter

Golden glitter than can go with any of my nami nail polish.

easy on me
Jacqueline Del Mar

I love Nude color nail polish! Highly recommended! Perfect Nude Hue!

love to hate me
Jacqueline Del Mar

love to hate me

easy on me
Zeth A

Love it.

first time trying this brand! and i love it ❤️

absolutely love the colors and formula, i will be buying more soon! if you're wondering whether to buy– i say go for it! no regrets here. want to collect all the colors!! hehe 💜💅🏻

the best so far

I've tried so many brands already but Nami nail polish is the best so far. It's classy bundle is a must have. Great for daily use as it's subtle, not too catchy and it's so classy. I love it. It doesn't come off so easily, I feel like I'm wearing gel nail polish. My nails are even stronger. I love this Nami nail polish. 😍

blood red lips

blood red lips
Graciella H
Gorgeous Color 🤩

This is the perfect shade of red for me. Suits my complexion well. Love so many things about it—water-based, non-toxic, odour-free, quick-drying, cruelty-free, German lab-certified, so easy to paint. Chip resistance needs a bit of work but I don’t really mind given so many pluses. I can easily repaint anyway.

Nami is my absolute favorite polish brand now. 👌

classy girl collection
Justine Burgos
Perfect for noobs like me

I have always messed up doing my right hand because im right handed, so for the longest time I have given up doing my own nails. But thankfully I was able to try Nami! The consistency of the lacquer made it so easy to glide and paint my nails ♥️

Must Have! 🤍

All the colors from the classy girl bundle were all gorgeous, though I have 3 personal favorites. Gray and nude were always my go to colors when it comes to nail polish so the “love to hate me” and “easy on me” were instantly my favorite and the other one, which I wasn’t really expecting to be my favorite, is the “never worn white”. Literally, I have never worn white nail polish before, but Nami Natural’s white nail polish was just the perfect white for me. I also love that these nail polish are odor free and dries quickly especially because I’m a mom and currently breastfeeding (always on call 😅) so this is really a plus for me. 🤍

Were have you been all my life?

Not all girls want to sit for hours in a nail salon and get crazy long a** nails. No. There are girls like me who wants to paint their short nails all cute, but w/o all the hassle and nail money.
I have a lot of reasons to hate nail polish. They're harsh on nails even harsh to remove, smells awful, and takes forever.
Nami solved all that for me. Though its true you can peel this off, but not gonna recommend w/o soaking in water, i find alcohol useful if im in a hurry. Its not that harsh on my nails.
Overall im satisfied and glad about buying nami. The colors are vibrant and glossy. Wait atleast 30 mins before doing any chore and they will stay on your nails.
Until my 13 pcs nail polish runs out nami 👋👋👋

easy on me
jacky canete
Love it. No smell

Super love it. It doesnt smell like nail polish. Dries easily indeed.;)

love to hate me
Adrienne Capili


Great Time-Saver

The Classy Girl Bundle is a game-changer! I'm usually busy with work but I still like doing my own manicures. The Nami Nail Polish colors really dry within 1 minute. Nails are groomed and ready in a flash. I can continue my daily tasks without fear of chipping my nail polish 😉

never worn white
Hannah Jacalan

never worn white

easy on me
Vanessa A.

easy on me

out of the blue
Rheena Cunanan
Love all the colors i've bought / ordered so far. 😊

i will choose my favorite after I've tried all 10 of them (classics - 6 + 4 summer collors (green, blue, lavander & fuchsia pink).

love it! easy to apply

I purchased the set and have been using it every week. I also put it on my baby a 2 year old since its safe for her and easy to remove. planning on using this when I get pregnant as well since its safe

don't call me angel
Sophia Molar
color is nice but the texture is too thin for me

Nail polish dries easily. But I find it hard to apply since the formulation is too thin, it will take atleast 3 to 4 application to even out the color.

walkin' on sunshine - bundle

never worn white
Arti Gangawane

I really liked the never worn white. It’s smooth to apply and the bright white stands out.