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Nail polish application typically consists of 2-3 coats of colour to ensure full coverage!

The first step is to make sure your nails are clean before applying nail polish. Make sure to properly prep your nails by removing any leftover nail polish or wiping your nails with an alcohol swab to remove any oil from your nails.

When it comes to colour application, it's best to avoid flooding your cuticle by applying nail polish down the centre of the nail. Then, as a final step, work your way down the sides of the nail, making sure to cap the free edge. Lastly, let your nails dry naturally— for nami, that’s a total of 60 seconds only!

nami is actually super convenient to apply— it has a gel-like, shiny finish without the need for a base coat! To make your nami polish even more chip-resistant, however, we recommend you use nami's water-based topcoat!

One of the best things about our nail polish is that you can easily peel it off your nails! It’s just like any sticker that you peel off the back of your notebook. Don’t worry! It wouldn’t damage your nail plate or remove a natural layer off your nails.

If you’re not quite ready to do any peeling off of your nails, you can still remove nami nail polish by soaking your fingers in hot water for five minutes. However, if you’re in a hurry and would rather use a remover, we highly recommend that you use a water-based nail polish remover. Unlike common nail polish removers that are harsh on your nails and skin, our water-based, toxin-free nail polish remover is made with a gentle formula that nourishes and protects your nails!

To ensure that your nail polish stays chip-free, it's proper prepping is key! If your nails are oily, we highly recommend that you wipe them with an alcohol/vinegar swab. It's also better to file and buff your nails after clipping and shaping them to seal the keratin layers that may have split during clipping. As a final step of your nail polish application, apply nami's water-based topcoat! 

Once you've let your polish fully set, you'll want to avoid soaking your fingertips and toes minutes after application. Water can cause your nails to expand and contract, which can lift the pigment, but it can also cause them to become brittle and dry over time.

nami is completely toxin-free and nourishes your nails. 💗 Here is a list of our ingredients: polyurethane-1, propylene glycol, stearalkonium bentonite, hyalauronic acid, pigments.

nami is completely toxin-free and nourishes your nails. 💗 Here is a list of our ingredients: polyurethane-1, propylene glycol, stearalkonium bentonite, hyalauronic acid, pigments.


There’s 13.5 ml in each bottle!

There’s 200 ml in each bottle!

Store all of our nail care products away from direct sunlight. Do not leave bottles open for a long period of time and never dilute our products with any other liquid.

The length of time that nami polishes last on your nails depends on the condition of your nails, how well the polish was applied, and how you use your hands and nails on a daily basis. The manicure instructions we provide will instruct you as to how to apply nami polish in the best, and most long-lasting, way.

A bottle of nami nail polish will keep well for at least 12 months. You can see the exact shelf life of your bottle by looking at the small label on the bottom. The number in the small box indicates the product’s shelf life.

Yes! nami is PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free. 

Yes! Our Dermatest certification from Germany guarantees that our products are 100% derma-approved and hypoallergenic.

All nami nail products are completely non-toxic and are therefore safe for use on children and during pregnancy. All of our products are 18-free, which means they are free of 18 toxic and irritating substances that are commonly found in conventional nail polish.