frequently asked questions

Store all of our nail care products away from direct sunlight. Do not leave bottles open for a long period of time and never dilute our products with any other liquid.

The length of time that Nami polishes last on your nails depends on the condition of your nails, how well the polish was applied, and how you use your hands and nails on a daily basis. The manicure instructions we provide will instruct you as to how to apply Nami polish in the best, and most long-lasting, way.

A bottle of Nami nail polish will keep well for at least 12 months. You can see the exact shelf life of your bottle by looking at the small label on the bottom. The number in the small box indicates the product’s shelf life.

Most nail polishes contain animal-derived ingredients such as guanine, carmine, and keratin. Guanine, produced by processing dead fish scales, is used to give nail varnish a shimmery effect; carmine is a red pigment derived by crushing insects, and keratin is an animal protein used to make the surface of nails appear healthier. Nami nail polishes and nail care products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, and we also never test any of our products on animals.

All Nami nail products are completely non-toxic and are therefore safe for use on children and during pregnancy. All of our products are 18-Free, which means they are free of 18 toxic and irritating substances that are commonly found in conventional nail polish. Review Medals