A Guide On What Nail Polish To Wear On Your First Job

A Guide On What Nail Polish To Wear On Your First Job

Stepping into the professional world may sound daunting at first, especially with the new set of responsibilities that come with it. In the first few weeks, you will need to work on a lot of adjustments as you meet new people in the workplace. On a typical note, these people form first impressions that can impact long-term perceptions. 

Aside from maintaining a positive attitude, your demeanour can make an initial impression on your colleagues. When it comes to putting your best foot forward for your first job, it is critical to consider what you can do to ensure a successful start.

When you want to look neat and professional, one of the most important things to think about is how to dress for your job. Planning your outfit ahead of time can help alleviate anxiety on the first day of work, and having great-looking nails that match your outfit can also give you an extra boost of confidence! 

Whether you are working in the healthcare or creative fields, get inspired by these job-appropriate nail colours to overcome the nerves and become successful in your new role:


out of the blue

In the corporate industry, wearing blue nail polish can give out a loyal and dependable impression. This also indicates that a person is analytical and organised.


colour me sunshine

A sweet yellow hue can show off a great style which stimulates happiness and confidence. This colour can also be a great conversation starter for the creative industry as it emanates positivity and warmth.


blood red lips

Beautiful, sassy red nails command attention that is truly fit for the fashion industry. Apart from being a classic colour, red nail polish also symbolises luck and good fortune.


happier than ever

A light, delectable nail colour that radiates a welcoming vibe. Teachers and administrators will never go wrong with this gorgeous shade!


hello orange sunshine

Starting a job in the marketing field can look bright with its vibrant and fiery colour - orange! 


easy on me

Depending on the healthcare facility and department, nurses and hospital staff can wear nail polish as long as it’s "clean." A creamy nail polish colour may seem discrete, but it completes the outfit in a low-key way!


Wearing a beautiful shade of nail polish on your first day will help you make a good first impression. So, go find a nail polish shade that matches your personality! In this way, you can spice things up in the office while staying on top of the game. Always remember to show up early and walk confidently in your workplace.

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