Celebrate World Cancer Day

Celebrate World Cancer Day

February 4 marks the international World Cancer Day, a day devoted to raising awareness about cancer while putting emphasis on its prevention and treatment. With proper campaigns and initiatives, each of us has the power to close the gap in cancer care. 

According to the World Health Organization, 2.3 million women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer by 2020. While we remember the ones we’ve lost to the illness along with those who are fighting it, campaigns for early detection are being amplified year by year. 

As a brand that commits to cultivating a better environment for everyone, our initiative involves lending a helping hand to our partners at the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc., also known as the Kasuso Foundation. We’ve formed a partnership with the community by supporting a non-profit, volunteer-based organisation to assist women in terms of early detection, quality treatment, and utmost care.

Kasuso Foundation

Hand in hand, we work passionately to solve the unfairness in the health care system. Funding education about how to avoid getting cancer and improving the health care services that poor communities need in their local government health care units are examples of these kinds of acts. 

With this, the Kasuso Foundation built programs for early detection, patient navigation, and organisational regeneration that nami wholeheartedly supports. Much effort has been expended in raising social awareness, but there is still much work to be done.

nami x kasuso foundation

As we revisit one of the nail polish shades of the nami summer collection, the candy hot pink nail colour goes in line with the symbol associated with breast cancer awareness. As a fun fact, the colour pink has been widely seen as a symbol of hope, which truly impacts millions of people around the globe. 

When people wear pink, it feels as if they are honouring survivors while also supporting progress in the fight against the illness.

pink champagne

pink champagne

Apart from this move, we at nami hope to help by donating a part of the profit from every bottle of nail polish that consumers buy. We hope to be a part of ground-breaking research and campaigns for social awareness in this way. 

Ever since nami was established, this has been part of the brand’s commitment because we believe that there is no specific month to fight cancer. As such, we always stand for valuable causes as we hope to build inclusivity, especially by making everyone feel heard, loved, and valued.



As responsible consumers, you can make a difference by choosing to support brands that directly share funds with organisations. Your patronage with nami goes beyond the aesthetics, as we hope to positively impact the lives of people that need support in a variety of ways.


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