Kickstart a DIY Nail Art Session with 5 Household Items

Kickstart a DIY Nail Art Session with 5 Household Items

Have you been wanting to unleash your creativity to explore the art of nail pampering? Well, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! 

It’s time to live your dream because we will share some cool and simple nail art tricks that you can definitely do in the comfort of your home.

From bright nail patterns to trendy nail art, you can be your own nail artist by experimenting with the following items you can find around your house! Exciting, right?

  • Tape - Play around your nails by placing a sticker or a piece of tape to form lines, stripes, V-tip, and other fun geometric shapes like chequered patterns. Just wait for a minute before removing the tape and you are good to go!
  • Sponge - If you want some layering and mixing of colours , you can use a makeup sponge to slightly dab the nail polish onto the nail. In this way, the nails can either resemble a galaxy or a watercolour  splatter, depending on the shades you will use.
  • Bobby pin - This little hair tool is mighty in its own form since it can be turned into a makeshift nail polish dotting tool. Carefully dip the beaded end into your nail polish bottle then it can already form some dots on your nails!
  • Toothpick - Toothpicks as a detailing tool? Why not, right? Definitely, there are lots of ways to use toothpicks and we can say that they are a staple in every nail art session. With its tip, two or more shades can be warped and swirled together. Plus, toothpicks are also used to draw fine lines and details to add more dimension and style!
  • Aluminium  foil - Wanting to see some metal design on your nails? You can actually cut some pieces from an aluminium  foil then use a tweezer to carefully place them on top of a dark colored nail polish base. Finish the design by using the nami natural water-based top coat for a healthy, glossy, and chip-resistant finish! 

    nami natural water-based top coat


    Nail art sessions may sound intimidating at first, especially if you are going to have a DIY, but this proves that achieving stylish nail designs does not require any professional tools at all! Just trust the process and explore the hacks by checking out the random items you have around your house. 

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