Holiday Nail Designs for a Festive Party

Holiday Nail Designs for a Festive Party

As the Christmas countdown begins, parties are being held to celebrate festivities and to keep the essence of Christmas. This is definitely a great time to show your spirit in style with a little extra glam. In this blog post, we will tell you everything there is to know about holiday nail art to stay on trend this season!

From bold red and emerald green colours to shiny embellishments, get ready to treat yourself with some Christmas nail designs.

Detailed Tips

Celebrate all the good times with some sparkle on your tips. This classic design will fit any outfit this Christmas! It’s easy on the eyes and stunning, too!

Glittery Gold

Treat yourself with some glittery gold accents and let the sparkle do the talking!

Christmas Colours

Alternate red and green polish for Christmas-themed nails. The design is very simple but the colours surely make it look fun!

Dotted Nails

Draw inspiration from a dice as you celebrate the season with red dotted nails! Just paint your nails with a base coat, wait for it to dry, then use a dotting tool to put in some polka dots. Now, you are ready to win the holiday games!

Iconic Christmas

If you really want to be extra in capturing the holiday spirit, feel free to draw some Christmas symbols on your nails! You will never go wrong with this design as you mix and match some snowflakes, Christmas wreath, and candy canes.


Take that extra boost of confidence as you consider applying these Christmas nail designs. After all, your outfit will not feel complete without a good set of nails! Let the holiday glow happen right in front of you as you vibe with show-stopper nails!


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