Main Causes of Brittle Nails

Main Causes of Brittle Nails

Everyone wants #nailgoals – healthy, well-groomed nails, but this isn't always possible. Nails that are weak and break easily can be caused by not taking care of them properly, having a medical condition, or changes in the environment. 

Nail growth is affected by a few factors, which can make or break a fresh-looking manicure. A nail care routine is critical in relieving the frustrating situation if you have weak and brittle nails. 

For you to get away from dry and weak nails, it’s important that you know more about what causes them.

  1. Nasty chemicals 

A weak and brittle set of nails is usually caused by chemicals that are found in cleaning agents like bleach, soap, borax, and detergents. Since these chemicals are directly absorbed by the nails, they can chip off and get worse when you use them to clean and do laundry. 

Show your nails some love by wearing a pair of rubber gloves, which can protect them from potential nail damage. If you also enjoy wearing nail polish, you may want to consider wearing non-toxic nail polish to help prevent your nails from being brittle and weak. 

nami's nail polish colours are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and water-based and have been expertly formulated to provide you with beautiful colours without the use of 18 harmful chemicals. 
nami nail polish
nami nail polish
  1. Health problems 

Health problems lead to various physical concerns, including nail growth. People with low thyroid levels, also called hypothyroidism, usually have brittle nails. 

This is because hypothyroidism makes the body sweat less, which makes the skin dry and causes cracks in the nails. Applying nami cuticle oil to your fingertips may help keep your nails moisturised. 

It also has nourishing ingredients like rose oil, jojoba oil, vitamin B, and vitamin E, which boost moisture! 

nami cuticle oil
nami cuticle oil
  1. Weather conditions

Extreme weather, whether it's very cold or very dry, can have an effect on the skin. Your nails could also become weak and brittle since the level of moisture cannot be sustained. 

Apart from applying the nami cuticle oil on the fingertips, a layer of protection can be applied with the use of the nami water-based topcoat. This product can protect the nail from damage since it can be applied as is or on top of a nail polish! 

Once applied, the product helps increase nail strength, which turns them into chip-resistant nails.

nami water-based topcoat
nami water based top coat



A healthy nail base can be achieved through the use of gentle nail care products. Following a nail care routine also helps to ensure proper nail treatment. 

Over time, improvements can be seen on the nails by simply dropping oil on them and massaging them every night. On top of this, consider having a nutritional diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables to heal the nails from within.

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