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What Does Self-Love Mean for These Successful Women?

What Does Self-Love Mean for These Successful Women?

We all know how reality shows, advertisements, and a few internet personalities can fuel one person's self-doubt with unrealistic expectations of beauty, love, and lifestyle. But does that mean you need to completely detach yourself from social media to get away from the negativity and the things that make you doubt your self-worth? Self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in life. These may be eating healthy, exercising, or having healthy relationships. There are even talks about loving yourself by putting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being above others. But how exactly would you define self-love, and how would you practice it?

As a brand, we’re really passionate about celebrating kindness and respect not only to others, but to ourselves. We truly believe in the power of loving oneself. That’s why we personally reached out to these influential people and asked them what they discovered about themselves in 2021 that helped them wholeheartedly embrace self-love. Here’s what they have to say:



“None will love you except yourself and this is the second greatest love’
- Anita Canete-Rodriguez

President of Association of CPAs in Public Practice in the Philippines (ACPAPP)





“That I can live by myself, rely on myself and be happy on my own. Even as I had to go through challenges that others, too, were facing but in varying levels and manifestations. That it's never too late to do anything. Kahit sabihin ng iba na wag na, hindi na kailangan o hindi na kaya. The whole world may doubt you but if you believe in yourself, dedma na ang iba. Grief, longing, insecurity, lahat 'yan madali na if you're secure in yourself and in your God. And a strong support system of family and friends is always a plus!”
- Cherry Bayle, Program Supervisor at 92.3 News Fm Radyo Singko

Newscaster & Freelance Voice Talent





“Last 2021, I went through something very traumatic. I learned that happiness doesn’t have to come from the usual people who used to love you. You can have love from friends and always rely on your mother who truly loves you no matter what.

Nourishment is important in feeling good. Exercise is another important factor. Get your daily dose of happy hormones going so you can feel good.

Looking good is also essential in feeling good. When you look good, it’s easier to strut through life even with all the trials and tribulations. It’s easier to smile.

So, smile! It’s an instant boost biologically and emotionally.

Extending yourself to others by helping and sharing is also a happiness self love booster. Giving is a good exercise for self love.”
- Ms. Jennifer Tipton-Angeles

Owner of Tips N Toes Nail Salon / VP of Kasuso Foundation





“I learned that I needed to rest and to put my phone away”
- Trina Epilepsia-Boutain

Managing Editor of One Mega Group Inc, Beauty Editor of Mega Magazine, Consultant of ANXA Limited, Belle Today and Hapilab’s





“In 2021, I learned how to say no. I learned that I do not have to do what everyone else was doing to be okay. I carefully chose what I took inside my mind and this has dramatically changed the way I live.”
- Kate Paras- Santiago

Beauty & Wellness Editor of Metro Magazine & owner of Finds by Kate


They say that beautiful things happen when you love yourself. It can open your eyes to many opportunities, help you form more stable relationships, and can even be a way to highlight what makes you unique. No matter how long your list is, it's essential to remember that when you have learned to love yourself fully, you’ll begin to allow yourself to love others for who they are, as they are.

It is easier said than done, but the power word is "practice." You try to do it every day until you can define what self-love is for you and how you can practice and inspire other people with it.

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