What Your Shade Says About Your Mood

What Your Shade Says About Your Mood

Do you ever take the time to think about what your nail polish colour says about your mood? Probably not, but maybe you should. Nail polish isn't just a fun way to switch up your look or enhance an outfit. It turns out that there is a lot of psychology behind the shades we choose. From bright and bold to understated and elegant, each nail polish colour has something different to say about the person wearing it.

So what's your go-to shade? Are you feeling flirty and fun with a pop of pink nail polish? Or are you in the mood for something more subtle, like a nude shade? 

The shade you reach for can also reveal a lot about your mood and personality. So take a look at your latest mani. The colour could be telling a lot more than you think!

Pop of Pink

If you're feeling flirty and fun, try a pop of pink nail polish. Pink is often associated with femininity, romance, and playfulness. It's the perfect shade to help you let your hair down and have some fun!

Classic Nude

For something more subtle, go for nude nail polish. Nude shades are typically associated with sophistication and elegance. They can also be seen as calming and relaxing. If you're looking to exude confidence and grace, reach for nude nail polish the next time you need a mani!

Bright Like the Sun

If you want to make a bold statement, opt for a bright nail polish colour like yellow or orange. These bright colours are often associated with energy, excitement, and fun. They can also help you to stand out in a crowd. So if you're feeling extra happy and ready to take on the world, go for a bright nail polish shade!

Dare to be Red

Red nail polish is the colour of bold and confident women. It is often seen as a sexy and attractive colour, perfect for making a statement. If you're feeling extra sassy and ready to take on the world, go for red nail polish! You'll definitely turn heads and get everyone's attention.

Calming Grey

Grey nail polish is perfect for when you want to keep things low-key and understated. Grey nail polish can also be seen as calming and relaxing, making it ideal for when you need to de-stress.

Purely White

White nail polish  can be seen as pure and fresh colour. It is often associated with purity, simplicity, and innocence. It can also show that you feel confident and ready to take on the world. After all, white is the colour of perfection!

Mysteriously Purple

Purple nail polish is often associated with royalty, mystery, and magic. Wear it with confidence that you will look expensive and creative.

Peaceful Blue

Wear blue nail polish if you want to feel secure and at ease. Blue is associated with feelings of calm, spirituality, security, and trust. When exposed to the colour blue, the body produces calming chemicals. It's not surprising that it's the most popular of the colours. Dark blues are great for corporate designs because they help create a professional feel. Still, too many of them can make a cold, disengaged feeling. Light blues are more relaxing and friendly.

Not an Envy Green

Green nail polish is your colour if you want to feel optimistic and refreshed. Green is associated with health, new beginnings, and wealth. Green is the most visually appealing colour and should be used to relax and create balance in a design. It's a great colour to use if your company wants to represent growth, security, or possibility. Green can also have a calming and relaxing effect.

Power of Black

Black is sophisticated, classic, and solemn. Black is associated with power, luxury, and elegance but can also represent professionalism, neutrality, and simplicity. If you want to exude a sense of control or evoke mystery, the colour black is for you.

For That Extra Sparkle

Glitter nail polish is the ultimate way to add extra sparkle to your look. It's especially great for those days when you want to feel extra-special and magical and like a princess in the best possible way.


No matter what your style is, there's a nail polish colour that will accentuate your unique personality. That being said, it's perfectly fine to change how you express yourself! One week you might want a classic red manicure, but next week you could be in the mood for some funky glitter nails. Don't let anyone tell you what type of style suits you best – that's for you to decide!

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