Why is gel polish bad for your nails?

Why is gel polish bad for your nails?

A new way of applying manicures has been making waves on the internet for quite some time now. Seen as the one that is always shiny, long-lasting, and quick-drying, gel polishes are typically made up of acrylic monomers and oligomers that go together after going through the process of curing. 

To do this, the liquid gel needs to be turned into a hard coating by putting the nails under a UV lamp for a few seconds. The way it cures makes it stand out from other nail polishes, especially when applied in this way.

Typically, manicure services offer gel nail polish application as a semi-permanent enhancement product. Modern gel polish formulas may not cause any harm, but the process itself can pose potential nail damage to consumers. 

Everything from roughening the nails up too much before applying gel polish to the way gel polish peels off can hurt the nails. Even though UV light is harmful to your health, it is required to dry the polish on your nail so that it does not penetrate further. 

Unlike any regular nail polish, the consistency of gel nail polish is thicker than usual. A lot of dermatologists have been reminding us of the risks of exposure to high-intensity UV light, which may lead to wrinkles or, at worse, skin cancer.

Ways to Protect Your Nails from Potential Damage When Getting a Gel Manicure

  • Wear sunscreen

Apply broad spectrum sunscreen on your skin to protect it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In this way, sunburn, discoloration, and dark spots may be prevented.

  • Use a cuticle oil

Help your nails recover from nail damage as you religiously apply the nami cuticle oil. Apart from the aforementioned procedures, keeping the gel manicure for more than three weeks, despite being intact, can put an extra weight on the edge of the nails. With this, the keratin layers can be peeled. The nami cuticle oil is gently formulated with nourishing ingredients that are non-toxic, hydrating, and moisturising, which can definitely help the nails improve, especially with its appearance and overall health.

  • Safely remove gel polish

Harshly removing the gel polish manicure causes more damage on the nails. Use a 100% acetone through a soak-off process and do it with patience and extra care to ensure safety.

  • Take a break from gel polish if needed

If chipping and peeling of the nails are already present, it can be a sign to take a break from gel polishes. You don’t have to reach a point where you already feel intense pain and damage. Just keep on applying cuticle oil to improve your nails. Once your nails have recovered, we highly recommend the use f vegan nail polish. Here at nami natural, we encourage everyone to stay away from nasty chemicals to ensure that you are giving their nails the best nourishment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, gel nail polish application has become a popular trend in the beauty industry due to its long-lasting and shiny appearance. However, the process of curing gel polish under UV light can potentially cause harm to nails and skin. 

To avoid damage, it's important to take precautions like putting on sunscreen, using cuticle oil, and taking off gel polish in a safe way. If you need to, taking a break from gel polish and switching to non-toxic vegan nail polish can help your nails look and feel better. 

By following these tips and being aware of the risks, people can enjoy the benefits of gel polish without risking the health of their nails or skin.

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