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Why is Water-based Nail Polish Healthier?

When it comes to our health, a balanced diet and regular exercise are top priorities. But what about the products we use on a regular basis?

Nail polishes are one of the beauty products we pay the least attention to when looking out for harmful ingredients.

We can't blame you - nail polishes are really fun to wear! They’re relatively inexpensive, and you can create new looks with them as well, which is why you put up with the pungent odour even if it makes your head ache a little.

That's the thing, though; the smell alone tells us that it's really something we don't want to be absorbing, right? 🧐

Well, we've got news for you! With water-based nail polishes, you can wear nail polish 365 days a year without feeling woozy; they’re easy-to-apply and odour-free!

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What makes them healthy is the fact that they are "10-free", "12-free", and even "18-free". It means these nail polishes are free from chemicals that may cause long-term effects on us. The risks in some nail polishes vary from birth defects to hormone disruption to increased cancer risks.  Don't forget that it can also do damage to our environment.  

Aside from water-based nail polish being non-toxic and long-wearing, they’re also easy to remove; some can even be peeled off! Some water-based formulas even include a moisturizing ingredient that can incredibly help keep your cuticles feel hydrated and healthy, too. ❤️ That’s why Nami nail polishes are nourishing for you and even the planet!

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So, suppose you are looking for a way to keep your nails colourful without overloading your body or the planet with toxins. In that case, water-based nail polish is the answer! Check out our 18-free and chip-resistant nail polish line here. 

Happy painting! 😘

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