We’re committed to long-lasting change.

Along with our idea of creating nail polish that’s free from toxic ingredients, we dreamed of making a positive impact on the planet and everyone in it. As a proud recipient of the highest certifications from Dermatest in Germany and PETA, we couldn’t be happier!

Truly, all good things take time.

Eliminating 18 harmful ingredients from our nail polishes was only our first step in committing to clean, conscious beauty. After going through an intensive testing phase, our 18-free nail polishes were awarded with an excellence seal from dermatologists in the internationally renowned company, Dermatest. This only means that our products are 100% hypoallergenic and safe for you!

Compassion has always been central to our values.

nami is also a member of PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program, an online database of PETA-certified beauty products. Being vegan & cruelty-free means Nami's entire product line is completely free from animal-derived ingredients and that throughout its entire supply chain, ingredients, formulations, and final products are not and will never be tested on animals. We 100% commit to banning animal tests and to eliminating any animal-derived ingredients like honey, beeswax, or carmine from our products.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA is the world's largest organization for animal rights. Across the globe, PETA has over 9 million members and supporters. As a member of PETA's Global Beauty Without Bunnies program, an online database of PETA-certified beauty products, Nami has been given the highest certification.

How can you get involved?

PETA and partner brands like Nami are committed to one day eliminating animal suffering in the cosmetic industry.  You can be part of the cause by starting to shop with compassion! Check out PETA’s online searchable list of beauty brands that do not test on animals here or download the Bunny Free App! You can also sign PETA’s petitions to support the ban of animal testing and even make out your donations to compassionate charities!


Dermatest in Germany is an independent dermatological institute established in 1978. Determined to provide consumers with an assurance of safety from allergens and other irritants, Dermatest in Germany does intensive testing on products that come into contact with the skin and subsequently provides brands with their seal of approval! Find out more about Dermatest here.