"My nails have never been healthier! Super love that it is lightweight on the nails and has  a super glossy finish even before applying a topcoat."
- Marie

"In our local dialect, the word nami means “nice” or “pretty” in Ilonggo, so the brand’s name is very fitting! 😍 I really like how the polishes are odorless and dries super quickly. I’m not very good at painting my nails on my own but these Nami polishes make it so easy! It applies smoothly & dries without the brush streaks even tho I applied it messily! I’m now able to do my nails 5 mins before I leave the house and go about my day. Such a breeze!"
- Patty E.

"I really like that it does not have any strong smell and the ingredients are all naturals since I break my nails all the time because of the previous nail products that I used."
- Gia A.

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